The latest generation of highly selective aluminium absorbers

In the thermoelectric method developed and patented by Calus, raw aluminum strips are refined into highly-selective absorber plates. By means of a deep-black, finishing layer known as "®", sunlight is converted to heat without any loss.A unique coating process gives the surface an unrivaled high resistance to any environmental influences. Even the toughest conditions, such as salty air, or smog, have no negative impact on "®"’s high quality.

sustainable ∣ innovative ∣ unique

The lower the energy use in manufacturing, the more positive is the life cycle assessment of a product. The primary objective of the development engineers was therefore to make no compromises in avoiding the unnecessary use of resources.

sustainable ∣ innovative ∣ unique

Proven paths always lead to the same destination, which is why we have posed the question early on, about how the solar future could look like. Therefore, we not only refine sheets but also moulds and films, receptive to new ways of energy production.

sustainable ∣ innovative ∣ unique

The colour black is attractive combined with any facade elements in modern building architecture. Therefore, there was only one possible surface colour for the Calus development team: is the result of intensive research work at the Academy of Sciences in Minsk (Belarus) and at UAS Wels (Austria). is a highly selective aluminium absorber with a deep black ensures against unparalleled high corrosion and is heat resistant on account of a patented refinement process.

We are always thinking about collector innovations!
Our thoughts are always focused on the future and we deliberate over new material combinations and collector geometries on a daily is a further development of, wherein a selective layer, applied to thin aluminium foils, opens practically unlimited application possibilities.


DI (FH) Gerhard Pramer (CEO)

DI (FH) Gerhard Pramer

CEO Graduate Engineer (UAS) Gerhard Pramer is a graduate of UAS Wels, field of study: automation technology. After an internship abroad at Audi AG in Ingolstadt, Germany, Graduate Engineer (UAS) Gerhard Pramer held several management positions in the Upper Austrian industrial sector.

Prof. Dr. Anatoly I. Kulak (CTO)

Prof. Dr. Anatoly I. Kulak

Prof. Dr. Anatoly I. Kulak is the Head of the Institute for General and Inorganic Chemistry at the Academy of Sciences in Minsk / Belarus. Prof. Dr. Kulak has been involved with surface coatings for over 20 years, including the Russian space programme.

Mag. Martin Frohn (CSO)

Mag. Martin Frohn (CSO)

CSO Martin Frohn is a graduate of the Johannes Kepler University in Linz, field of study: Business Administration. After 12 years of experience as a sales and marketing manager he started to work as Managing Director of AVL-Institute, a training and consulting company. He is an advisor to several national and international industrial companies. In 2013 he became a permanent member of the Advisory Board of Calus GmbH for strategic and financial affairs.


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